Unfortunately, one of the challenges people face as they grow older is an increase in physical problems. A common physical concern that affects more than half of all people over 80 years old is the development of cataracts in one or both of their eyes. A cataract is a clouding of the eye lens due to metabolic changes in its fibers, which leads to clouded vision that eventually can result in blindness. Fortunately, cataract surgery is a practice that has had a long and successful history throughout the world. In Singapore, Shinagawa Eye Centre has developed a reputation as a premier provider of cataract surgery.

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Cataracts are actually a normal part of aging, according to vision experts. A cataract forms in an older person who has been exposed to sunlight over long periods of time, which affects almost everyone. Cataracts can also develop in younger people who have diabetes, have had an eye injury or who are severely near-sighted. Experts have also seen an increased incidence of cataracts in people who take steroids. The list of potential causes of cataracts is long, but today they can be easily treated by eye doctors.

The diagnosis of cataracts is simple. In an eye exam, an ophthalmologist will use a special tool called a slit lamp microscope. Once other potential causes of the cloudy vision are ruled out, an eye doctor can safely make a diagnosis of cataracts. In past years patients needed to wait until the cataracts had progressed to a certain level before surgery was done. Today, advances in the field permit successful surgery as soon as the blurriness begins to impact a patient’s daily activities. The surgery itself is done as an outpatient procedure in less than half an hour and complete recovery usually takes just a few days.

Shinagawa Eye Centre has been doing cataract surgery for a number of years. In addition to cataract treatment, the eye centre focuses on LASIK surgery, glaucoma treatment, retinopathy related to diabetes, macular degeneration brought on by age and a number of other common and less frequently-seen eye problems. A patient who has noticed problems with vision can be assured that these eye specialists can treat the issues.

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